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13 May

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Not that anyone really noticed, but I miss it. I’ve been so busy enjoying life that I’ve neglected to update. Totally justifiable reason…just sayin’.

I want to share something I realized just now and is a vitally important factor to me. Tonight, I went on a date with Thomas.  I cherish every moment I get to spend with him more and more. It doesn’t get dull, or repetitive. We don’t have a “pattern” we’ve adapted to. We just thoroughly enjoy being around one another, and, as far as I can remember, always have.

On my way back to my place, he asked me to let him know when I made it home safe. So…

I sit here on my bed, with all my belongings around me, with a roof over my head… and realize: I am not home. It does not feel like home, it doesn’t smell like home. I felt empty when I sent him a text, just a few seconds after I walked in, after I took that feeling in, telling him I had made it to my place.

But this is not home. My heart isn’t here. It’s 32 minutes away in another city.

I long to be home. ❤

Re-cap of a great day!

28 Feb

I had a fantastic yesterday from start to finish!

Early morning I got to have some wonderful conversation. From the time I fell asleep to the time I woke up I had amazing dreams and felt so safe. After running a couple of errands around town, I headed to JC and went book shopping. I was looking for a specific nifty retro embroidery book…but I didn’t find it. I did however come away with a couple of reprinted Hard Case crime books and a cookbook “Hostess with the Mostess” that is FULL of retro recipes (and pics) that I cant wait to try out! Now… I just need someone to let me cook! lol! Yesterday evening I got to have dinner with Jamie and Chelsea. Then Starbucks with the gang. Followed by Tv and girl talk with Chelsea. I got to see everyone I care about that lives around here 🙂 Spending time with the people I love makes me extremely happy!!

She blogs when she’s bored…at least there’s no tequila involved.

25 Feb

I’m not really sure why I’m blogging tonight. I think it is out of sheer boredom. Haha.

I am so glad to have my cherry ChapStick back….actually it wasn’t lost, it was just missing. I didn’t know it.  Good ol’ Carmex is still the best for windy days and putting on before bed. But, cherry ChapStick is best for days and dates…I mean,really, what guy wants to taste carmax.  I didn’t think so.

I’ve been wondering how literally one should translate dinosaur. haha….no, no…I know better.

I really dislike wanting something with great intensity, it being right at my fingertips, and not being able to have it. I’m so stuck. I don’t know what to do. I suppose I actually DO know what to do. I sometimes just think having part of something is better than not having anything at all. At least I don’t have any allusions to the actual nature of the situation.

I’m back in the gym, after a week hiatus. I missed the BURN!!!! lol. Gotta get these abs rockin’ again.

I am very excited about going to the firing range soon. I’m just waiting on a firearm. But yay!! I plan on getting my carry permit around my birthday, and then get myself a pretty powerful birthday gift. Like this pink hello kitty 9mm.  Anyway….I’m excited and I hope to not be disappointed! I know I can do it!

I am cleaning the apartment. Well, not at this very moment. Right now I’m blogging. But, I’ve been cleaning up and cleaning out my place. I’m trying to thin out and eliminate all this extra stuff…I have way too much “just stuff”.

Also with the addition of my firearm, I now NEED a flashlight and a glowie necklace thingy . Thanks A Lot…I have been only moderately sucked into nifty glowy things that will consume funds. Shinies are still my favorite.

I need to make an escape. I need a vacation. I just don’t want to go on an adventure by myself. I have an idea….but those often get turned down, and I’m tired of being turned down, so I won’t even ask again (even though I was told it sounded like fun last time I went).

Anyway I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday! Thanks for reading my rambling!

Tiny Update

22 Feb

Recently I’ve been having a ball!  I’ve gotten to mark several things that I had wanted to do off my list. A lot of exploring has been done! I hope to get pics up as soon as I can find my cord to my camera.

Also, I’m working out like I’ve wanted to. I’ve lost a lot of weight and am really excited about  that! Today, Chelsea and I went to Rita’s for birthday cake flavor Italian Ice! Woot! I can’t wait for Spring so I can play tennis. I love it and miss it.  And hopefully I’ll get to be bowling this week although I doubt the person who I really want to go, will go right now. But I’m gonna have fun either way!! lol.

The only crummy thing as of late has been a persistent headache for about four days, that yesterday culminated in a debilitating migraine. I was so sick, I was seeing double and I am out of my meds :(.  I just laid around in bed praying it would go away. There was a little bird though that decided my window unit for my bedroom was the place to hang out and it about drove me to tears every time he moved. I even turned my heater off because the sound of it cutting on and off was making me nauseated. I was better off in layers. lol.  At least now it has past, I have some eye pain just from squinting, but it seems to be gone for good!

I hope everyone has a good week!!

Fate is something I do believe in, but it’s what you do with that initial nudge that makes the difference in the end.

15 Jan

I suppose I am in a writing mood today I have worked on a short story that I put away some time ago, written in my journal and am now on my 2nd blog. So, to anyone who takes the time out of your busy schedule to read my ramblings, thank you. Even if I don’t know who you are, I appreciate the comments.

I want to stress to everyone just how important time is. It is a precious commodity and no one seems to have enough of it. Money and gifts are not a substitute. Nothing to me says that you care more than showing me that I am worth your time. I have the desire sometimes to be moody, or peaceful, or happy, or content alone, but, for the most part I really enjoy being around people. I am adventurous. I love going and doing,but I also really enjoy spending quite time with people, watching a movie, cooking/eating dinner, just having another live human being around. …this requires time from more than one party. What makes this so insanely hard is I work nights and finding people on similar schedules, and things to do during that time is almost null. (And I really miss the sunlight on a regular basis) So for the most part I warp my sleep schedules on my days off to accommodate the general population’s so that I have time for my friends and loved ones.

But, at some point, there won’t be the option to spend time with the people you care about.  Make time, make arrangements to see the people you want to keep in your life. Because if they don’t feel like they are worth it, they move on to friends that do.

We never know what’s really going to happen tomorrow. It is a waste of time to be mad, angry, or sad all the time. These are important emotions and we need them. But, don’t waste your time on these things when there is joy out there and  people who want to share theirs with you.  Tell and show the people you love how much you love them. I try to tell my friends often and I hope they know I do.

So thank you again to those who take the time to read this, to make me feel loved and important.Every day, every moment is a blessing, I hope (even though it’s a ramble) that you take something from what I’ve said.