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Rosemary Libation

24 Mar

So I stumbled upon some old drink recipes and found a new favorite. I love playing hostess and part of that is having a handful of recipes that you know by heart and are quick to make. I made some changes from the original and thought I’d share this great drink with you!


I’m pretty sure this will be my go-to cocktail for summer get togethers from now on. It’s so easy to make. I hope you enjoy it. If you try it be sure to let me know what you think.



Bringing the heat: Summer 2010

22 Jun

Well, well…yesterday was the first day of summer and it certainly didn’t fail to deliver. 98 degrees and incredibly high humidity. Horrible!!!!

I am in the middle of moving to a really nifty new place! I’m moving at night for two reasons. 1.) The heat/humidity is pretty close to unbearable. 2.) I am awake. So glad that Thomas was the first person to get to see it.

I’m just filled with a lot of HAPPY right now. Things are good, life is good. Part of the reason is because I refuse to deal with chronically negative people. I just wish that my friends who I am watching suffer with this same “me, me, me” situation from selfish negative people in their lives, would just let them go. They serve no good purpose to anyone. They just bring bitterness. It weighs more than joy and takes a while to shake off. It’s not worth it, I promise. (But,  I do not think those that need that advice, read my blog)

I’m torn over the iPhone 4. I want one terribly. I NEED furniture…. It’s a horrible dilemma. And should I get the phone….or a mac book pro? Also….no, no… This wish list could go on and on. Furniture first. It makes entertaining hard when your guests have nowhere to sit but the floor. Hahaha.

I do believe I’m going to pack what I hope are the last few things I’m taking with me, and take a nap, make a trip to the salvation army to donate, and then to my flat!!! Send me good furniture vibes my friends.

Goodnight all ❤