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Smokey Eyes; NYC Custom Compact Product Review

20 Oct

I was presented with NYC NewYorkColor Individual Eyes Custom Compact in “Dark Shadows” to offer up my review to you, dear reader. I have a background in theatrical make-up and, well, being a girl who likes to be in front of a camera, I’ve managed to stay on top of my skills.

The Basics: This compact includes four individual eye shadow colours, a base/primer, an illuminator, and a two ended foam applicator.

The Price: Less than $5

The Colours: Bright white, silver, medium grey, and soft black.

First Impression: The compact packaging is very efficent. No frills and very straight forward, but appealing. The colours look as though they are best suited to be used to create a dark smokey eye. The shadows appear to be very pigmented in the package. All the eye shadows have a light shimmer to them, the illuminator appears to be a white/clear cream with a very fine glitter, and the base looks a lot like a nude coloured concealer.

Smokey Eyes NYC

Dark Shadows NYC

The Application Process:
First: Primer to my whole lid and blended up towards my eyebrow.
Second: Illuminator was applied right below my eyebrow and to the inner corner of my eye.
Third: The Shadows – I applied the silver shadow to my whole lid and blended upwards towards the brow. The dark grey to the whole crease, middle of the lid, and the lower lash line. The black to the outer corner blending upward and out, and to the outer third of the upper and lower lash lines. Lastly the white to the inner corner of my eye and below the eyebrow. I followed up with black liner and mascara.

My Take: I  was a little disappointed in the pigmentation of the shadows. They were not nearly as rich as they appeared or I had hoped for. Even with a lot of layering, I was unable to achieve the desired effect when using these items alone. There was A LOT of shimmer, which is not my usual look. However, if you do like shimmer, these were great.  I don’t care much for the illuminator or the base. Both of them made my eye lids feel greasy. There were no instructions on how to use either of these, and for someone who doesn’t know, that might be confusing. I applied the products in the morning with my normal routine, within 2 hours I was experiencing creasing and displacement. The black was more of a dark grey asphalt once on and having deep set eyes anyway, it gave the appearance of having a black eye. I attempted this look again without the illuminator and my own primer, with somewhat better results. Individually, I like the white and the dark grey shades and have worn them since. My colouring was not the best for these shadows, and I would not have chosen them for myself. I have used NYC eye shadows before with great success.

I hope this review was helpful, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will be providing more product reviews in the very near future.

Find New York Color

Hard Pressed.

18 Jan

I LURVE bare minerals makeup. I have a pretty little vintage powder compact that I don’t carry. It sits, unloved, in a box. This makes me a little sad. I know how to take Coty Airspun powder and put in into my compact. Can it be done, effectively, with my Mineral Veil? Has anyone had any experience with this? Please comment below loves ❤

Also, for those of you vintage gals out there, I’ll start to post tips for living retro in a modern world, you know, the stuff our grandmothers knew.

Acne Journal Moved.

1 Mar

If you are looking for my acne journal, it now has it’s own website. You can click the link on the right hand side in the “Blog Roll” area where you can also find the link to Solutions Acne & Skin Care or click below!



Face freedom 3

18 Dec

Sorry it took so long to get this post up.

Well, although my face looks much better than it did at my first meeting with Carol, I hadn’t made a lot of progress since my last visit.

So after evaluating my skin and doing an extraction, she determined that I needed a stronger benzoyl peroxide. After a couple if days I’m pretty sure I can tell there’s been an improvement. My next appointment is this coming Tuesday and we’ll see what Carol thinks.

I’ve posted some pictures so you can compare! Also check out Solutions web page. You’ll find the link to your right in the “blog roll”.

Face Freedom 2

5 Dec


Well my face is looking much much better! Carol has helped me so much. I had my doubts that anything could make it better. My face isn’t as red and the severity of the blimishes has diminished. I did get a little dry, but she told me how to adjust the way I was using the products to lessen that effect. Here’s a pic so you can compare for yourself!!

Product review: Vaseline Sheer Infusion

22 Nov

When I think Vaseline, I think greasy, thick goop. This was far from the case with this lotion! I was looking for a good hydration lotion and was overwhelmed in the aisle at Wal-Mart. The commercials for the Vaseline Sheer Infusion is a little strange, but made perfect sense, if they did what was claimed.

There are three different scents to choose from, I opted for the Botanical Blend. It has a light, warm but fresh, citrus scent. It goes on very smooth and absorbs quickly without leaving behind a tacky feeling. Absolutely not greasy and I instantly felt like my skin was much softer. Being cold and dry right now, I expected to re-apply pretty often. I put it on about 9pm and still feel very comfortable in my skin. I tend to have what my friend calls “plucked chicken bumps” on the back of my arms and thighs. These are much improved with two applications and I am hopeful that they will be resolved with further use. It made my skin feel like I have always expected body butter style lotions to, but fail.

Scent: 9/10  Very pleasant, not over powering. This one is a little feminine, but one of the other options was pretty neutral.

Price: 6/10 I purchased the 13.5 oz pump bottle for about 9 dollars. It was a much better deal than the 6.8oz without the pump for about 6 dollars. http://www.Target.com offers a $1 off coupon and http://www.vaselinesheerinfusion.com/ offers one for $1.50 off.

Packaging: 6/10 Sleek, but not exceptionally eye-catching. Looks pretty much like any other lotion bottle.

Texture: 10/10 I have to say this is the smoothest lotion I have ever used. It feels creamy, but not thick.

Performance: 10/10 Feels rich going on, rubs in smoothly, absorbs quickly with lasting moisture.

Do you have any experience with this lotion? Share it with us please!

Face freedom 1

17 Nov

Today I went to Solutions Acne & Skin Care in Johnson City to meet with Carol about my face. I want to tell you about my experience.
I was a little nervous about having somebody literally inspect me under a magnifying glass, but she made me feel very comfortable about it all. She asked about my facial cleansing habits, products and make up I use, and then the basic medical history that everyone asks for. She looked at my skin and evaluated it’s condition. I got a hot towel and steam treatment, she cleared some impacted pores (while reminding me not to pick and if I had a bad one to come back and she’d see if she could get it) and then a hydrating mask that left me face feeling soft and refreshed.

She tried a couple of products on my face to see how my skin reacted. Then she picked out the products and routine that she felt would work best for my skin. She was very approchable with questions (which I had a whole bunch of) and was very clear on how the products were to be used.

I was there about one and a half hours. I was sent home with printed instructions and told to call if I had any concerns or questions during my home treatments. I go back in two weeks for a re-evaluation to see how the treatment is coming along and if any adjustments need to be made.

I’ll be posting updates on here. If you have questions about how it’s going in between posts just ask in the comments!!