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Today I am Thankful For

18 Sep

Its “early” and there’s still quite a lot of day left to find more things.

Today I am Thankful for

•Rain – It’s been raining for what feels like 2 days, but I know we need it. (Related: I need a pair of Wellingtons.)

•New Friends- Carrie, I hope we grow closer and our friendship stronger. I look forward to us becoming lifelong friends.

•My wonderful Fiancé- It’s the little things you do that make my day shine and my heart happy. I can’t wait to embark upon new adventures with you. You are my true love and best friend.

•My Friend Sunny- We’ve toughed it out, been side kicks and accomplices, shoulders on which to cry and personal cheerleaders for quite sometime. I look forward to the future journal entries I can’t show to my kids.

•The Dishwasher- Enough said.

Cheery Cherries for a gloomy day

3 Jan

Since mid-December it has been overcast and rainy 1 out of every three days. (My statistics here are arbitrary, mind you). I had to do something to counteract the gloomy vibes today so I decided to don my cherry hat. I’ve not had a chance to wear it, so seemed like the perfect opportunity! Cherries are an instant pick-me-up!

Fluffy petals

1950’s Cherry Hat – Knitting Mill Antiques

Bubble Necklace – Thrifted