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21 Oct

Today, I am thankful for:

Indoor plumbing

My friend Sunny

Companies that make pretty bras for little gals with huge boobs like me (Check out Bravisimo.com)

Getting to hear the ringtone I have for Thomas when he calls unexpectantly


Crispy Autumn leaves

Just some thoughts from today

18 Dec

I am pretty excited about being in Nashville with my family! I am trying to spend some uncluttered time with them. By uncluttered I mean not letting the emotional turmoil that I’m experiencing cloud the limited time I have to enjoy with them.

In terms of love, I know exactly what I want, and that is to be happy. I realize I cannot be happy with anyone unless I am happy with myself. That being said, I’m fixing the things in my life that bring me down. I am following advice that I feel may be the best thing for me, but was immediately questioned by the giver. But, to take time and look within myself I have isolated, unintentionally, myself from the people who I care deeply about. I just feel like I’ve set up a domino line of mistakes and there’s no stopping it.

For those of you who are unaware, I have recently started texting. Although I really enjoy getting to talk to certian people who use that as their primary mode of communication, I find it very frusterating that it seems everything I say gets taken wrong. There is something about the tonal quality of the voice that portrays emotion and intention.

Really that’s all I’ve got going on today. Family, Love and texting.