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Follies & Romance

24 Jan

Myrna Loy and William Powell are one of the greatest on screen couples of all time. So great, in fact, they were partnered in fourteen films! I fell for their chemistry in The Thin Man movies. Their romances feel so believable and effortless, so attainable. Recently, I grabbed up The Great Zeigfeld (1936) from a bargain bin. This film has zest, glitter, great music, humor, and a beautiful story all lead by Powell as Florenz Ziegfeld and accompanied by Mrs. Loy as Billie Burke.
The Great Zeigfeld is now one of my favorite movies, if for no reason other than, the scene where Flo and Billie are sitting by the river. It makes my heart flutter as this is how I see love. My love. It’s everything I want.

“… there’s little I can offer you. There’s nothing I can give you except my love.”

“That isn’t enough….I’d expect one-third of your ambition, half of your trouble, two-thirds of your worries, and all of your respect.”


So with that dear friends, I’m off to bed! I’ll be dreaming in show tunes and of romantic moonlit walks with my dearest Thomas. ❤

Weekend catch up

29 Mar

Saturday I got to celebrate my birthday with my best of friends in The Tri! We had a great time…unfortunately, I once again, forgot my camera. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Their “Hot and Bleu salad” is fantastic! After dinner we went to a nifty little bar to chill and meet up with some other friends who didn’t show until after Thomas and I left. I got lots of cards from friends and family, all of which made me smile 🙂 and I’m pretty sure I got the best present that I could ever get, too.

I have been SO sleepy for the past couple of days. I hope I can get rested up, but I’m not sure how. Sleep? Hasn’t been working, but I’ll give it another go later. Maybe it’s just stress. Between my car being messed up and in the shop and letting some people be a more powerful outside force than I had realized, I think I’m a bit overwhelmed. Perhaps I should disengage for a few days. I already know that there are some things/people that I will have to purge from my life in order to focus on my own needs. I’m sure that sounds selfish, but I can’t enjoy the positive within my life if they are projecting their negativity on me. I just don’t understand why some people feel the need to blame others, rather than accept and move on.

With that said…

I went a couple of weeks ago to see Avatar. That was an amazingly beautiful movie. Beyond just the graphics, 3D has come so far. Wow! I really want to go see “How to Train Your Dragon” (in 3D). It’s going to be so cute!

I hope everyone has a great week! ❤