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Fashion?…. Anyone Out There?…. Hello?….

15 Mar

I totally just died a little….Pajama Jeans? Seriously… people are just too lazy to get dressed anymore.

I must say, I have been guilty (as a college student) of  going to Walmart in cute PJs. And may I emphasize cute, because I don’t like to look sloppy, but at 2 am during finals week when I just had to see something other than white brick-o-block walls and monotonous medical terms…my escape was more important than my heels…and that’s really saying something.

But sweat pants that are made of thin, stretchy, sweat pant material made to look like blue jeans just makes me nauseated. I’m all about having loungy clothes to chill out on the couch in, but these are just absurd. And I must say I do believe that the elastic waist band phenomenon has lead to the expanding girth of society… People wake up and tighten your belt, put on some form of structured undergarment.  I, for one, will be staying away from the pajama jean…..

From Jilted Status to Lyric Love

23 Feb

So I was checking my email and I was debating about changing my status for goldmail when i decided better of it…when what popped into my mind to change it to turned into a chorus…and then a verse…and then a bridge. I didn’t even know what i was typing. I read it after I couldn’t type any more…there was nothing left to come out. Now I’m stuck. I need to revise. It’s been so long since I’ve had a whole song just flow with out help. I’ve written them both ways, forced and flow, and flow always takes off better. Most of the time I get snippets that need to be added to. I’ve worked on a few with some professionals, written some jingles,  and have a collection of snippets of fantastic ideas that if I could get with someone who can look at it from a different angle, have amazing potential. I don’t pitch a lot, mainly because I haven’t been able to add music to most of them. The few I have, some one else did for me.  I won’t put my new lyrics here,  since it is an open forum because….well, that’s been an issue before for me, a sore spot.  But I’m really excited about it!!!! (Clearly, it was enough to make me blog it, lol). But I just thought I’d share.