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Welcome Matte

18 Jan

The scent, the smooth velvety texture, ….The look on my boyfriend’s face as the realization that I have just laid one on him with cherry-red lips….All of these things make me happy on some level.

The perfect shade is, it seems, rather illusive. How much money have I spent over the years on determining MY shade, only to have it discontinued or available only seasonally or regionally?

30's inspired cardigan, lipstick Revlon Matte Really Red

My favorite looks are matte. The pastel mattes of the 50’s; petal pinks, lilacs and nudes. When it comes to red, I love the 1940’s red, which is a blue-red, as opposed to the pink & orange reds of the 1950’s. Every girl MUST have a signature red lipstick, even if you have it custom mixed. Red lips are my therapy. It doesn’t matter how bad I feel, how sick I am, I can slip it across my lips and instant pick-me-up!

I have recently become a fan of the lip stain. It’s a finished look without the need for touch-ups (at least as often). Working in a fast paced, no time for a break work environment makes these an ideal choice. I highly recommend you look into them if you work in a hospital or the food industry. Those are two places where you don’t want contamination in your face products.

What’s your favorite shade?

As a side note, I would like to thank Solanah of Vixen Vintage for her personal assistance, wonderful blog and the inspiration that I should re-embrace the vintage lifestyle that I left behind when I went to college. Visit her as well for great outfit inspiration and tips. I aspire to make a site as helpful as hers.

Hard Pressed.

18 Jan

I LURVE bare minerals makeup. I have a pretty little vintage powder compact that I don’t carry. It sits, unloved, in a box. This makes me a little sad. I know how to take Coty Airspun powder and put in into my compact. Can it be done, effectively, with my Mineral Veil? Has anyone had any experience with this? Please comment below loves ❤

Also, for those of you vintage gals out there, I’ll start to post tips for living retro in a modern world, you know, the stuff our grandmothers knew.

Acne Journal Moved.

1 Mar

If you are looking for my acne journal, it now has it’s own website. You can click the link on the right hand side in the “Blog Roll” area where you can also find the link to Solutions Acne & Skin Care or click below!



Face freedom 3

18 Dec

Sorry it took so long to get this post up.

Well, although my face looks much better than it did at my first meeting with Carol, I hadn’t made a lot of progress since my last visit.

So after evaluating my skin and doing an extraction, she determined that I needed a stronger benzoyl peroxide. After a couple if days I’m pretty sure I can tell there’s been an improvement. My next appointment is this coming Tuesday and we’ll see what Carol thinks.

I’ve posted some pictures so you can compare! Also check out Solutions web page. You’ll find the link to your right in the “blog roll”.

Face Freedom 2

5 Dec


Well my face is looking much much better! Carol has helped me so much. I had my doubts that anything could make it better. My face isn’t as red and the severity of the blimishes has diminished. I did get a little dry, but she told me how to adjust the way I was using the products to lessen that effect. Here’s a pic so you can compare for yourself!!

Working on the Acne Issue

9 Nov

Tomorrow I am going to see a professional about my skin. I have had trouble for years and have gotten it clear once in my life and that didn’t last very long.

I break out all over but it seems worse on my jaw line and it stays itchy. I have used every thing from generics to brand names, medicated and non-medicated and spent lots of money on stuff that may clear me up, but stops working after a couple of months. So, this is a last resort, but hopefully a new beginning!!
Although HORRIBLE pics of me, I took some today to show what my starting point is.
I’ll be keeping a journal of how things go for me, and I hope it will help you too!!