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Lace’em up

2 Feb

I love to run.

Most people don’t know that about me. (well, except for all of you, but you just found out.) I forget how much I truly enjoy it until I take off, usually for no reason at all. My mind says “Crazy girl! What are you doing?!?” but my legs go, and I feel alive. I feel in tune and peaceful as I make each stride. Like my next connection to the pavement is the only thing that matters in the world. (Honestly one foot in front of the other is probably the best way to do everything anyway.) So, I go. I go until my legs can no longer carry me. Filled with endorphins, I can ride the high of that one run all week. Then it fades, and the memory of how I felt becomes fuzzy. I forget altogether how much I gained, how clear my mind became, how centered I was. I may even forget the fact that I went running, or the amazing feeling I was left with, all together.

For weeks I’ll watch those crazy people, up at 0500, running downtown. Thinking all the while, “Why on earth would someone torture themselves like that? Don’t you people have lives?”. I do this, until one day, I get that urge from seemingly nowhere, and take off. Going where ever my body takes me before it asks my brain permission. (Because, as we all know, it’s better to “do now, apologize later” than be denied permission and have to make amends.) I experience that thrill that comes with knowing that I AM ALIVE. That it is my heart beating inside MY chest, MY lungs are filled to the brim. These feelings leave me hungry to go again, to gain complete clarity, even if only fleetingly. Alas, my cycle repeats and my fuzziness returns, leaving only the faintest memory. I’m hoping 2012 comes with more opportunity, more of that urge, to just take off, run, and rejuvenate my spirit.