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I’ve Got the Blues

28 Oct

Today, I am feeling blue. Not in a bad way though. I’ve recently been in love with all things nautical. (Which I am now convinced is mandatory for any vintage loving gal.) I’ve amassed several such items over the years and to keep from overflowing, I’ve added many pieces of my personal collection to the shop. Here are just a few that are there, and keep a look out for more!!

Navy Shoes Blues

Navy Shoes Blues: Canvas shoes are the perfect laid back answer to stilettos. Unfortunately for me, they were a little to snug for anything but taking pictures.

Mod Hatter

The Mod Hatter: I acquired this hat several years ago, but because I’m more Elizabeth Taylor rather than Twiggy, it got little use. I still think it’s lovely, but it needs someone to love it.

Blue Belle

Blue Belle: This dress is a great canvas for all your nautical looks. I wore it with a ‘kerchief around my neck a la’ retro flight stewardess. It’s really an easy care piece; throw it on and go, toss it in the wash, dry and repeat!

Nautical Juice Glasses

Nautical Juice Glasses: These pulled together my love for all things nautical and retro in my kitchen. Would be perfect in your coastal kitchen or on your yacht, of course.

So Lovely Feature

1 Oct

I was thrilled today when I got a message in my inbox that an item from The Atomic Squirrel had been featured on Oh So Lovely Vintage’s blog. Today’s post was about vintage bar ware! TONS of retro eye candy. If you’ve never checked out their site, you should. These vintage loving gal’s have good taste, clearly they picked one of my items.

Funky Floral 60s Ice Bucket from The Atomic Squirrel

Baby’s Got Her Blue Dress On.

27 Apr

A few weeks ago I bought a group of dresses for the shop, and sometimes I Just can’t help but indulge myself in a wear before it goes up. This was one of those items. Another thing that keeps me from putting stuff up…lack of a photographer and/or a mannequin to put things on. I listed my first item yesterday, more for the experience than anything, so it’s not my best work as I am actually quite handy with a camera. It took me all of about 8 minutes photos and all.

I like this dress, Love the collar and the pleated bust, but it wasn’t made for curvy girls…even though Thomas said I looked pretty in it and he like it on me.


So there’s you a preview of what will be in the shop soon. I guess I’ll have to bribe one of my friends with food in exchange for having to watch me change clothes and take about 300 pictures one afternoon. Who’s up for that? 😀