Reel Roll

Movies I’ve watched during the year. Just like I love to preserve the spirit of the vintage clothing I wear and enjoy, I want to see as many of the old films as I can, lest they too become one of the “lost films” that I mourn the fact that no one alive will ever be witness to.

Feel free to discuss any of these movies or recommend more in the comments! ūüôā

(N)- Netflix
(P)- Owned by Myself
(L)- Checked out from the local Library
(R) – Rented

February 2012

  • The Jade Mask (1945) – (N) A Charlie Chan mystery about a scientist gone missing. I needed something quirky. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for Charlie Chan. I watched the whole thing, but lost interest about half way in. This series of movies falls into the “witty mystery”¬†category.
  • Lady of Burlesque (1943) – ¬†(N) This very fun movie is based on a book by Gypsy Rose Lee called the G-String Murders. By golly, that title is almost blush worthy now, no wonder they had to change the name for the silver screen! It has Barbara Stanwyck, Iris Adrian, Marion Martin, and lots of other lovely ladies. Fantastic shiny outfits, humor, and even with the murder investigation, makes me dream of doing burlesque! Also, I want the stuffed terrier Dixie gets in the bar.
  • The Woman in the Window (1944)- ¬†(N) Five Stars all the way. By far my favorite movie I have watched this year. There is a wonderful twist that I won’t give away about this film Noir/Murder Mystery. I highly suggest that if you are looking for something vintage and engaging, that you locate this title.

January 2012

  • The Women (1939) – (P) Loved this film. Super witty and the costuming is fantastic! Loved the fashion show scene that is done in colour. There was a remake of this movie done in 2008, although I’ve not seen it, as I’m not usually a fan of remakes. The original got 8/10 stars and the remake received 5/10 from critics.
  • The ¬†Great Zeigfeld (1936)¬†¬†– (P)
  • The Third Man (1949) – (N)
  • The Kennel Murder Case (1933)- (N) A Philo Vance Murder Mystery. I’d love to see more of these, however, I find only this one on Netflix and I’ve been unable to find it within the local library system.

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