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Lash Flash; Kiss EverPro Lashes Product Review

25 Nov

Here’s another product review for you that’s most definitely relative to the vintage life!

Kiss products asks “Ever tried applying eyelashes but became frustrated when they didn’t position correctly? Only to remove them and start over? Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit provides everything you need…” saying basically you can’t fail with this kit. That’s a pretty bold statement.

I have mixed feelings about these lashes. Let me start out by saying I LOVE FALSIES. I’m one of their biggest fans. I’ve used dollar store lashes and I’ve dropped big bucks on lashes. These fit squarely in the middle-high range for a fraction of the price. This whole kit runs around $5. Definitely not bad for a beginner since it won’t break the bank and they are good quality lashes.

Now to the nitty-gritty:
The packaging: Good, Not wasteful and the instructions are printed clearly on the outside.
The Lashes: Nice, soft, and full. I really like them. They have a sturdy band that’s pliable.
The Adhesive: This adhesive is gentle, won’t pull or tug at your lid or lashes. Unfortunately I found it didn’t hold the 24 hours like it claimed. I’m biased. I don’t care for non-“permanent” glues. I’ve grown accustomed to wearing my lashes for days on end.
The Applicator: personally I found it clunky. But for a beginner, I imagine that’s a more comfortable option than using a pair of tweezers around your eyes until you get the hang of it.

Overall, I recommend the LASHES, not the kit, for anyone besides a beginner.

*This is a sponsored post and I received these lashes through Influenster.



Sensual Scentual; Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle Product Review

18 Nov
Image from Bath & Body Works

Image from Bath & Body Works

One of the items I received from Influenster in my Beauty Blogger VoxBox to review for you was the Black Pepper Bergamont Mini Fall candle from Bath & Body Work. I have really enjoyed this scent. It is very masculine, warm and spicy, much like an expensive cologne. It was a wonderfully non-distracting scent while I was reading. The size and price of the mini candles is great to buy for gifts or if you have scent commitment issues like I do. I honestly suffer from candle ADD and move on the next day. The scent isn’t very strong when you use it on a warmer and I found that disappointing because I am easily distracted and tend to fall asleep if I sit still for more than about twenty minutes. When lit, the fragrance was much more potent and filled my loft with the scent. These little candles are rated to last 10-15 hours, I found I got about 8 hours from mine. Overall, I would recommend and purchase again.

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Smokey Eyes; NYC Custom Compact Product Review

20 Oct

I was presented with NYC NewYorkColor Individual Eyes Custom Compact in “Dark Shadows” to offer up my review to you, dear reader. I have a background in theatrical make-up and, well, being a girl who likes to be in front of a camera, I’ve managed to stay on top of my skills.

The Basics: This compact includes four individual eye shadow colours, a base/primer, an illuminator, and a two ended foam applicator.

The Price: Less than $5

The Colours: Bright white, silver, medium grey, and soft black.

First Impression: The compact packaging is very efficent. No frills and very straight forward, but appealing. The colours look as though they are best suited to be used to create a dark smokey eye. The shadows appear to be very pigmented in the package. All the eye shadows have a light shimmer to them, the illuminator appears to be a white/clear cream with a very fine glitter, and the base looks a lot like a nude coloured concealer.

Smokey Eyes NYC

Dark Shadows NYC

The Application Process:
First: Primer to my whole lid and blended up towards my eyebrow.
Second: Illuminator was applied right below my eyebrow and to the inner corner of my eye.
Third: The Shadows – I applied the silver shadow to my whole lid and blended upwards towards the brow. The dark grey to the whole crease, middle of the lid, and the lower lash line. The black to the outer corner blending upward and out, and to the outer third of the upper and lower lash lines. Lastly the white to the inner corner of my eye and below the eyebrow. I followed up with black liner and mascara.

My Take: I  was a little disappointed in the pigmentation of the shadows. They were not nearly as rich as they appeared or I had hoped for. Even with a lot of layering, I was unable to achieve the desired effect when using these items alone. There was A LOT of shimmer, which is not my usual look. However, if you do like shimmer, these were great.  I don’t care much for the illuminator or the base. Both of them made my eye lids feel greasy. There were no instructions on how to use either of these, and for someone who doesn’t know, that might be confusing. I applied the products in the morning with my normal routine, within 2 hours I was experiencing creasing and displacement. The black was more of a dark grey asphalt once on and having deep set eyes anyway, it gave the appearance of having a black eye. I attempted this look again without the illuminator and my own primer, with somewhat better results. Individually, I like the white and the dark grey shades and have worn them since. My colouring was not the best for these shadows, and I would not have chosen them for myself. I have used NYC eye shadows before with great success.

I hope this review was helpful, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will be providing more product reviews in the very near future.

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Myspace….why even bother?

10 Jan

So, like every good young adult, I started a MySpace account some time ago. Blog, blog, blog. I want to keep the comments on my blogs. I want rid of my myspace. It’s the most useless social network. So much so that they had to connect it with FaceBook just to stay afloat. That’s really saying something. So…I suppose, here in the next month or so, you will see my MySpace blogs show up on here…yeah, they are old, but I still make some valid points in them.

So, What’s your take on MySpace? Do you even have one? What are you planning on doing with it?

Fashion?…. Anyone Out There?…. Hello?….

15 Mar

I totally just died a little….Pajama Jeans? Seriously… people are just too lazy to get dressed anymore.

I must say, I have been guilty (as a college student) of  going to Walmart in cute PJs. And may I emphasize cute, because I don’t like to look sloppy, but at 2 am during finals week when I just had to see something other than white brick-o-block walls and monotonous medical terms…my escape was more important than my heels…and that’s really saying something.

But sweat pants that are made of thin, stretchy, sweat pant material made to look like blue jeans just makes me nauseated. I’m all about having loungy clothes to chill out on the couch in, but these are just absurd. And I must say I do believe that the elastic waist band phenomenon has lead to the expanding girth of society… People wake up and tighten your belt, put on some form of structured undergarment.  I, for one, will be staying away from the pajama jean…..

Product review: Vaseline Sheer Infusion

22 Nov

When I think Vaseline, I think greasy, thick goop. This was far from the case with this lotion! I was looking for a good hydration lotion and was overwhelmed in the aisle at Wal-Mart. The commercials for the Vaseline Sheer Infusion is a little strange, but made perfect sense, if they did what was claimed.

There are three different scents to choose from, I opted for the Botanical Blend. It has a light, warm but fresh, citrus scent. It goes on very smooth and absorbs quickly without leaving behind a tacky feeling. Absolutely not greasy and I instantly felt like my skin was much softer. Being cold and dry right now, I expected to re-apply pretty often. I put it on about 9pm and still feel very comfortable in my skin. I tend to have what my friend calls “plucked chicken bumps” on the back of my arms and thighs. These are much improved with two applications and I am hopeful that they will be resolved with further use. It made my skin feel like I have always expected body butter style lotions to, but fail.

Scent: 9/10  Very pleasant, not over powering. This one is a little feminine, but one of the other options was pretty neutral.

Price: 6/10 I purchased the 13.5 oz pump bottle for about 9 dollars. It was a much better deal than the 6.8oz without the pump for about 6 dollars. offers a $1 off coupon and offers one for $1.50 off.

Packaging: 6/10 Sleek, but not exceptionally eye-catching. Looks pretty much like any other lotion bottle.

Texture: 10/10 I have to say this is the smoothest lotion I have ever used. It feels creamy, but not thick.

Performance: 10/10 Feels rich going on, rubs in smoothly, absorbs quickly with lasting moisture.

Do you have any experience with this lotion? Share it with us please!