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Ready for a hint of warmer weather.

13 Feb

Yesterday I went on a shopping spree….and by spree I mean I came home with a load of awesome for under $40. The air was still cool outside, but the sun shone warm so I just donned a sweater. I am not a fan of summer, its sweltering heat or listening to birds while I am trying to sleep, but I am looking forward to cardigan weather.

I was up before noon and got to run around in the sunshine. I work nights so this in itself is a feat. (And, yes Carol, I wore sunscreen) I grabbed a new straw hat, gloves, a couple of dresses, a silver trivet, a nifty short sleeved rayon button down shirt, skirt and a scarf to keep in my purse to protect my hair from the occasional flurry or drizzle.

Today’s outfit: I have a weakness for men’s bowling-style shirts. I love the unusual warm tones of this Hawaiian shirt (really from Hawaii) paired with my new favorite brown skirt and turquoise belt. All thrifted from goodwill.

And until I can figure out what type of camera I want to invest in, you’ll be stuck with classic stylings of self-mirror-cameraphonetography-portraits.