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Less than ordinary or extraordinary?

4 Dec

I tend to refer to myself as fabulous. My love refers to me as “The whole fabulous”. This makes me giggle.

I am quite fabulous, I don’t see any real reason to refrain from being so. Unfortunately, I am feeling off lately. I’ve not been living up to my fabulousness, but I have nary a clue as to “why?”.

Part of who I am is Suzie Homemaker. I love it. I do laundry in heels, clean the bath in nice silks, cook in an apron that I made, wear pearls to dinner at home…well, you get the idea. Alas, I stand here, typing this, wearing jeans, a hoodie, running shoes, no makeup and the hair (which needs to be cut) pulled up in a half hearted ponytail. I am leaned over the washing machine furiously scrubbing out stains in my last batch of laundry today, and I just received a call from Thomas that he is on his way home to ease my mind as we are having some wintery-mix here.

My mind says “scrub, scrub, scrub” but my heart says “quick shower, makeup, dress and stockings…NOW”. I am feeling less than ordinary right currently. The world doesn’t need more of what it already has…it needs ME. This girl that is exuberant, playful, bombshellesque. Hello??? Where’ve you been this past month? Ugh. I’m very lucky that Thomas thinks I am beautiful, unaided. But it doesn’t hurt to flaunt what mother nature gives with the help of a little gloss over.

So, I’m going to finish the laundry. Even if I’m drop dead gorgeous, it’s all for naught if I’m useless. Right?