Face freedom 1

17 Nov

Today I went to Solutions Acne & Skin Care in Johnson City to meet with Carol about my face. I want to tell you about my experience.
I was a little nervous about having somebody literally inspect me under a magnifying glass, but she made me feel very comfortable about it all. She asked about my facial cleansing habits, products and make up I use, and then the basic medical history that everyone asks for. She looked at my skin and evaluated it’s condition. I got a hot towel and steam treatment, she cleared some impacted pores (while reminding me not to pick and if I had a bad one to come back and she’d see if she could get it) and then a hydrating mask that left me face feeling soft and refreshed.

She tried a couple of products on my face to see how my skin reacted. Then she picked out the products and routine that she felt would work best for my skin. She was very approchable with questions (which I had a whole bunch of) and was very clear on how the products were to be used.

I was there about one and a half hours. I was sent home with printed instructions and told to call if I had any concerns or questions during my home treatments. I go back in two weeks for a re-evaluation to see how the treatment is coming along and if any adjustments need to be made.

I’ll be posting updates on here. If you have questions about how it’s going in between posts just ask in the comments!!

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